GOFI serves people living with:

  • Epilepsy and Seizure Disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Autism
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder  
  • Veterans and civilians with mobility impairments
  • ALS
  • Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome 

In addition to giving our recipients service dogs, we give them an entire support system. Unlike other service dog organizations, our recipients are involved from the beginning of their dog's training. We provide every recipient with:

  • a service dog specifically trained to aid the recipient in daily tasks, from mobility issues and medical alert to general emotional support
  • weekly training sessions and one-on-one support
  • social outings with their dog, both group and one on one
  • fundraising assistance
  • opportunities to work for GOFI in exchange for fee reductions
  • continuous support even after graduating from the program

Most importantly, GOFI service dogs give their recipients unique opportunities for independence.

Golden Opportunities For Independence in Walpole is a 501c3 nonprofit organization

Service Dog Training

About GOFI

GOFI dogs have appeared in educational and charitable events at:

  • Johnson & Wales University
  • Brown University
  • Plymouth Pet Expo
  • Xaverian Brothers High School
  • ​Golden Ridge Farm Doggy Day Care

If you would like GOFI dogs to appear at an event for your school or organization, please contact us!

​- Colleen,

Service Dog Owner and 

GOFI Trainer

​      "Buddy has changed my life. Besides being my  companion and medical alert dog, Buddy connected me with GOFI, where I now volunteer and assist with the training of other dogs." 

About the Founders

Golden Opportunities for Independence became a reality after founders Pauline Hoegler (CEO) and Kristen Lee (CFO and Treasurer) discovered they shared a similar dream that combined their passions of helping people with medical needs and working with dogs. At GOFI we personally understand both the amazing positive effect dogs can have on the lives of people, and the unique needs of our recipients. 

As a nurse at Norwood Hospital, Pauline saw the great need for medical service dogs. And as a certified dog trainer, she saw the impact dogs can have on people's lives. She runs and owns an established a doggy daycare and dog training business. Pauline's family has been breeding dogs since she was a child, and her love for animals started early. Her father would talk, often with a tear in his eye, about the animals that were part of his life. He grew up in Ireland and raised and trained Shire draft horses to work on the farm. For over twenty years, Pauline has been breeding and training exceptional dogs.

Kristen, a car crash survivor, has a spinal cord injury that limits her mobility. Kristen is in line to receive her own GOFI dog and understands the positive impact service dogs can have on the physical and mental well-being of their owners. 

In 2013, Pauline and Kristen combined their unique skills and perspectives to create Golden Opportunities for Independence. 

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