Georgia is a gorgeous half sister to Bridget. Georgia will continue to train to work with a Marine veteran after she has a litter for the program. Georgia will need to be dressed safely to join her handler at the range. This includes a Kevlar compatible working vest to keep her safe. 

Baron with his favorite football! He is very keen on his scent training which makes him an excellent match for a young boy with a seizure disorder. Baron will help his recipient's parents know when he is having seizures so they can provide him with a safe environment and first aid. He would benefit from a vest that will help him support his recipient while walking. Help Baron give his recipient the independence he needs! 

$46.99 OneTigris Tactical Dog Vest 

Meet Harley! She will be assisting a woman with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) in much the same way her brother, Mo, will be. This little girl has more personality than any pup we've ever had and will excel as a service dog. She will require extensive training to ensure she will provide the service her handler needs. Harley will need to get used to car rides and being tethered in an accessible van. To ensure Harley will be safe in her travels, she will use a car harness.  

Ariah and Mo have been best friends from the start. Ariah will be going to a young lady with epilepsy. Ariah will provide medical alert and mitigation as well as the confidence this young lady needs to get her independence back. Ariah can't do it alone, she needs your help! 

$139 GHOST Series K9 Vest

Mo is the little brother to Odie and Baron. He is from Bridget and Daniels most recent litter. Mo will be assisting a man with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disesase) to live a fuller life. Mo will train to retrieve dropped objects, medication, ringing phones, and clothing as well as alerting to emergency situations. Mo's handler will need an assistive device to speak to Mo. Help us raise money to provide an identical device for Mo's training! 

Waffles is the son of Livi and Apollo. Waffles will be assisting a girl who has long suffered from clinical depression and severe anxiety. Waffles will help fill the gaps where medications and therapy have yet to fully reach and keep his handler safe during times of anxiety. Waffles will need a vest with enough room to carry emergency medications and info. Help Waffles continue Apollo's legacy and keep work in the family! 

$595 Mobility Harness

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Tiberius excels at providing a stable and balanced anchor for a Marine veteran with a traumatic brain injury. Tiberius is in need of a specialized mobility harness to help his handler hold on to him and provide a sturdy place to stand up from. We have already seen how working with our dogs is bringing out the mother and wife that have been overshadowed by her injury. Help us outfit Tiberius with the best equipment available!

$595 Mobility Harness

Our recipients are not responsible for paying for their Service Dog.  We will help fund raise with you!   The reason this program exists is to assist people who live day to day with disabilities.  We feel that is difficult enough.  Help support the following recipients earn their dogs.  In order to respect the privacy of our recipients we will follow the progress of our dogs.  If you have a  specific person you would like to assist raising funds for their dogs please contact us and we can let you know which dogs to donate to.

Odisius is out of Bridget and Daniel's first litter and the brother to Baron.  His recipient is an Air Force veteran who suffers from PTSD.  Oddie will not only be assisting his recipient manage his civilian life but will also help others working as a therapy dog at a facility for veterans. Oddie thrives on bringing comfort and joy to others and will make a difference in the lives of local veterans. Help Oddie look his best in a military style vest the veterans will love. 

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