Puppy Raiser Responsibilities

Preparing a puppy to become a service dog is a large undertaking. Puppy Raisers will be asked to sign a Puppy Raiser Agreement in addition to agreeing to the following basic conditions:

1. Attend all required meetings and training sessions with puppy.

2. Raise and train puppy according to GOFI's recommendations and training philosophies.

3. Provide food, shelter, vet care, internal and external parasite control for puppy.

4. Socialize and expose puppy to people, places, and situations in a manner that follows our force-free training philosophy.

5. Communicate with puppy's recipient and coordinate meetings between puppy and recipient prior to final placement. 

If you are interested in becoming a puppy raiser for GOFI, please complete the following application.

Puppy Raiser Application - Golden Opportunities for Independence


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