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Baron is learning to press his "emergency button" only when he smells his handlers seizure sample. 

Baron is learning to press an emergency button when he detects his handler is going to have a seizure. Our dogs learn by playing games!

Seizure Disorders and Epilepsy

    Seizure alerting is a naturally occurring behavior in some dogs. The dogs are able to smell a chemical change in a person's body before and during a seizure. On average the alert occurs 10-20 minutes before the seizure, giving the handler a chance to lay down, take needed medications, call for help, or notify friends or family. Golden Opportunities for Independence works to identify this behavior and encourage the dogs to recognize their ability. In addition to seizure alert, all service dogs can be trained to respond to an occurring seizure. 

When the dog detects a seizure it is able to respond in different ways:

-The dog can be taught to alert the parents or caregivers by pressing a button, operating a k9 phone, barking, or finding them in the home and bringing them to their handler.

The dog can stay with their handler and respond with aid by 

-Pulling the person onto their side to clear the airway

-Licking excess saliva or vomit from 
the handler's mouth to prevent choking

-Nudging themselves under the handlers head to avoid injury

-Barking to attract attention and help 

-Standing over their handler to keep people from stepping on them in a public space

-Comforting their handler as they regain consciousness

-Guiding the handler to a safe place as they regain consciousness 

Seizure dogs often sleep next to their handler to better detect and respond to their handler's seizure activity.

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